Hell is bad neighbors...

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Neighbors who stand in their yards till all hours of the day and night screaming at a ton of kids.Cars pulling up honking at all hours of the day and night.Throwing their trash all over the neighborhood..And all their trashy friends on cell phones screaming their heads off..It sickens me to have to see this everyday..And for those who get pitbulls because your favorite rapper showed one in his video,you people look stupid....Just venting....
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  • Yuck. My neighbors aren't THAT bad. All I have to deal with is the fellow in the apartment next to mine who has a penchant for street hustlers. Every once in a while he'll invite some piece of rough-trade street trash over, and they'll spend the next few days throwing each other against the walls.
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      I have some lovely section 8 bastards across the street living of my dime and causing a ruckus. I hate ignorance, especially self important ignorance that has a sense of entitlement
      • my neighbors have dogs that bark at all fucking hours - it's time to go over and have a little talk...

        inconsiderate people suck!
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          Fancy meeting you here, kc. :-)

          We used to have neighbors who would slam their door every time they went in or out. Well, they wouldn't really slam it, they would just *let* it slam. It would shake our whole apartment and send me and the cats under the bed every time.

          Now I'm pissed because some people have moved into some of the surrounding buildings (there are several buildings facing a common parking area) and they talk loudly on their way back and forth to their cars at all hours of the night. The sound just bounces among the buildings. (This is Oregon and we keep the windows up at night in the summer.) Pisses me off.
  • I have a neighbor across the street who likes to vandalize my car if I park on the public street in front of her house. Often that'll be the only spot left, so I just take it..... she's put sugar in my gas tank, dog shit under my door handle, and just recently keyed my boyfriend's car. Nice. I've filed 2 police reports, but we haven't SEEN her do it, but it's been in front of her house each time.

    Gee, ahem, perhaps next time HER car is there, the "same mean person" will vandalize her car too..... heh heh.
    • That's awful HeatherLyn, sadly if you did it to her someone would see you... Hell really is insane neighbours.
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        People really put dog shit under the door handle? LMFAO!!!! I'm sorry, HeatherLyn, I really am. LOL I'm just picturing the stream of profanity that must come out of your mouth at that!!

        (Hell is the mod laughing at you for having dog shit under your nails)
        • No, actually I saw it before I touched it, and I just went and got some paper towels and cleaner, scooped off the dog shit, cleaned it up, and then threw the paper towels onto her doorstep. :-)

          I actually giggled at what a pathetic psycho she is. (And I knew it was her, because she'd left notes on my car there to "not park there because I have a chyyyyyyld and it's so haaaard to carry all his stuff!".... like I give a flying fuck! It's a public street.)

          Funny thing is, she's a wedding/child/pregnancy photographer, and I google-stalked her online and sent her an email saying thanks for the vandalism & that I've filed a police report... I got back this "I don't know WHAT you're talking about, you have the wrong person!!".... but there's a photo of her on her photography website. Heh. dumbarse.

          I'm still pondering great ways to fuck with her. Any suggestions welcome. Plans are being formulated, but this might be a good tribe to solicit more suggestions.
          • that's pretty fucked up, i'd say. someone did that to me (and i would want to be fairly certain it was them before getting revenge - speaking of which, can you get any other writing samples from her to see if they match the notes?), i'd make them seriously regret it. if the cops aren't going to do anything, well - one takes care of his own, as they say.
            • >and i would want to be fairly certain it was them

              Well, I'm fairly certain. This was all over the period of about a year, with the actual vandalism all happening in the past 6 months.

              1. Note left on my car while parked in front of her house
              2. Verbal confrontation while my car was parked in front of her house- I basically told her to piss off and that it was a public street
              3. Dogshit left on my drivers side door handle while parked in front of her house
              4. Attempted to pour sugar (actually, Sugar in the Raw, HOW BERKELEY CAN YOU BE) into my gastank. Epic fail due to fact that one, it doesn't ruin a car's engine to do that (urban legend) and two, she didn't bring a funnel, so the little thingie that protects the gas hole wouldn't open)
              5. Boyfriend's car keyed badly while parked in front of her house.

              Hmm, I sense a pattern. And before you go "duh, don't park in front of her house".... sometimes it's the only spot, as we have a fuckin' church in the neighborhood, and their rice rockets are always lining our street. And two, well, shit, I have an 83 Volvo and a bad attitude, and hate entitled bitches. Heh.
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                Fuck her with a rusty chain saw, I feel your pain. The douchbag across the street moved my jeep into an illegal spot. When I came out and was like "what the fuck?" he told me he pushed it out of the way because I didnt live there. (I was visiting a girlfriend) so instead of calling the cops, after my girlfriend moved, I went back and tinted his windows....with black glidden exterior paint. OIL BASED!

                If you dont mind some other shit done to your car by all means park in "her" spot,
                wait .. wait does she drive a new SUV? Im betting so
    • its getting chilly out right? a suggestion, lemon juice in a spray bottle, sprayed over the windshield, lemon juice has a higher refraction rate than glass, so on some chilly morning, IF her windshield were to be sprayed by some unfortunate accident, it would fracture when the sun hits it refracting through the juice faster than the glass can accomodate, makes a nice spiderweb. plus its an innocent neighborly thing to do, help em out getting that "bug" off their windshield an all. lol. it theyre windows were open a handful of powdered chlorine tossed into the seats makes a nice tie dye look and cant be driven for days, lol, not that i would EVER do anything like this, but you can pick up powdered chlorine from any pool supply store.
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    Now they have decided to make a living with a daycare and breeding pitbulls..It really sickens me.And whats worse is that alot of their family and friends have been renting and buying up houses in this area.Just more trashy people to deal with...I wish I didn't own my house.Because I would be out of here.But then I feel i am letting them win..And I CAN'T HAVE THAT....giggling
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    Sounds like neighbors from hell... consideration of others is essential to make neighborhoods friendly. I think it's easier to solve conflicts in rentals where Landlords can step in.
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    Well,this morning was ugly.I woke up thinking that my TV was on.Looked outside and this woman was sitting in her car with 3 kids,thunping her music of course this is one of the neighbors friends.I went outside she gets out and say"WHAT?"I look at her and scream shut that shit off she told me to beg her too.Then she would.I lost it..I told her I would call the cops,she said she was going to call the cops on me for not saying please..giggling..At this point I knew I was dealing with a real winner..I asked her if she thought she was being rude sitting in front of my house with her music blarring.She said"You don't know..Hand flying in the air screaming WHATEVER<WHATEVER....she was alittle scary...I have not asked much from them except keep there trash out of my yard and to keep the music down in the mornings..Is that to much to ask...?
    • I don't know how it works in America but in Britain you can write to your council, local Government and complain about neighbours and they send an official letter telling them they have had a complaint and to shut up or be fined.
      • Time for me to move to Britain <sigh>. The Oakland PD have too much on their plate to come out for nuisance/noise calls. I get it, but it's still lame when the music is pumping next door, and my hubby has to get up for work at 4AM. Fuckers. At least they don't park in my driveway now, like they used to do all of the time.
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          I hear that. The last apartment I was in, I swear the kids above us were vampires - they were waking up around the time we were heading into bed, would blast music and party until the sun came up. They'd throw their empty beer cans off their balcony, and onto ours. What was worse were the bottles, which would break. And the cigarette butts, which burned through our patio furniture.

          Thank god I'm in a house now. It would be nice if these neighbors stopped stopped throwing their cigarette butts on my lawn (the man who mows my lawn doesn't see them, and I'm left with little pieces of filter all over the grass), but I'm picking my battles for the bigger stuff. Maybe next Chrismas, I'll buy them an ashtray.

          Gotta say, though, Heather - you win the prize for bad neighbors. I hope that all stops for you real soon.
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    Can you believe it?They moved or at least some of them moved and the place is quiet..I don't know what happen.Awhole lot of cops showed up and alot of people were packing stuff up..I couldn't ask for anything else,except a rich,good-looking husband..But This is a start,,,giggling..
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    Its not so good..They came back..I don't know what Happen ,but it sure was a nice week without them.But thats RIGHT FOLKS "Their back"...Like some really scary nightmare..I will just do what I can to enjoy my living enviroment without losing my cool.Ya,RIGHT I am scorpio,I may need BAIL..giggling
    • continue calling the cops, A LOT, make a paper trail, dig up every skeleton in their clost, fight dirty, sign em up for barnyard porn, tell every Jehovah witness your neighbors are "really interested" and schedule their introduction at the same time as the local flaming foaming at the mouth christian groups introduction, put a sign up on their lawn saying " COPS SUCK" just before calling the cops on them, call up their landlord and tell him you think theyre sacrificing something over there and threaten with media attention, just a few idea, have fun with your neighbors, make it a game, its open season if you want it to be, theyve given you every reason to stop being reasonable, youve done the good neaighbor thing, now its time to stop playing nice. offer their address to every nasty grup you can find as a meeting place, like the KKK, stuff like that.
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    Just a update..Well,they had a party in Nov and it ended with a huge gang fighting with knives and bats and alot of police came and arested awhole lot of them.The city has threaten to take their house so they have cleaned up their act...Thank God..I wish i could of taken pics of the fight it was really see losers at their best..giggling
  • neighbours suck most times.

    one of ours has 3 dogs that use our garden as a toilet and then bite you when you shoosh them out of your front yard. this same family have a tiny shit-box that they rev the guts out of @ god-forsaken hours.
    another has a cat that must eat a whole hell of a lot because the size of it's turds are astronomical! we've tried chilli powder, sticking little metal stakes up throughout the garden & even mouse comes the aspirin in the milk, or perhaps a trip to the river in a sack with a brick.
    another old chook comes home once all the bowls clubs and RSL's close, puts her old-country-whiney music on full-ball, then proceeds to sing her lungs out before getting in a knock-down fight with her boyfriend before fucking noisily for 10 minutes (max).

    if it weren't so annoying it'd be funny.....
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    Like everything in life..nothing last for ever not even a peaceful neighborhood..They are back to what they do best..Act like trash..They start about 6 in the morning and don't end till about 3 in the morning..Cops have done nothing..They just slap them on the wrist and then they go on their way..It sicken me to even hear that shreaking witch next door..I try to just stay to myself and try my hardest to not go off on her..I have called the cops over 70 times in 3 years for everything from fights,guns,drug selling in front of my house.And the bitches that hang out over there are used up and nasty..They are all about 20 years old with about 4 kids each all from different daddies.I know this because they all hang out in the front yard screaming their business to God and who ever else is listening.They think theey are kewl..They look stupid..NO one over there works.I wish they would just move....
    • Where do you live? Most towns and municipalities in the United States have nuisance ordinances that force landlords and homeowners to clean up their acts once the police have been called enough times...
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    HI,all..Well i have been working with the cops and it seems that I am not the only one on the block who has the same problem with these trashy people.Nothing has been done yet but there house is being watched now.of,course they haven't learned their lesson yet..The cops looked everything up on the computer and they are in real trouble..Thank God..I just wish they would move.BUt since they own their house its going to be a battle to get this under controll.But they are going to start fining them 250.00 each time i have to call the cops hopefully this will do it,,but i am not counting on it....we will see how this goes..He was arrested 2 weeks ago on warrants and 2 others were too for other warrants..Atleast the cops know now...
    • Ah well, then at this point, be patient and let karma and the cops do their thing. Cops got to be careful in making sure they got the evidence they want to bust people for good. Keep in the loop as much as you can with the cops, so they know you are still pissed off about the bad neighbors.

      Keep us updated..
    • This thread is one of the most hideous I've ever read on Tribe! Sorry for your troubles, Amanda. Definitely keep up with the police, establishing the paper trail, etc, etc. Don't leave it up to PD records alone; get a 79 cent spiral-bound notebook and log everything that you see and hear, and log every time that you contact the police and what happened (if anything) afterward.

      One more thing that you might want to consider ... Where I live, all of the local TV news stations have a "we're here to help YOU" segment on their shows. Basically, you contact them about some fucked up, unfair situation that you're in, and they send over a reporter and camera crew and harrass the hell out of the culprits on tape ... and then AIR THE TAPE, which 9 times out of 10 seems to embarrass the culprits into a de facto cease-and-desist. A friend of mine did this when a DOT error resulted in the flooding of his yard; DOT ignored all of his phone calls, but they did NOT ignore the camera crew that showed up and made them look like morons on the 6 o'clock news. The problem was fixed IMMEDIATELY, seriously. See if y'all have got anything like that.

      Good luck. Give 'em hell!
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    Its been kinda nice..They are being alittle better about not trashing everyones yards.Of,course I still have to deal with all of theses gangster types hangin out in the front yard.There drug dealing azzes are still just as bad.I am going to get a camcord so I can start taping them when they are out in the yard doing drugs right out front..I want to thank everyone for being so supportive and kind too and listening to me vent and wine about my ugly problem...
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    Well,All good things come to a end..I believe they have won..Nothing has changed..I have called the cops over and over again.I am tired.We are thinking about forclouser on our house..It sounds bad but I have come up with high blood-pressure from all of this and will have to be put on meds for it.As I right this they are screaming in their front yard and destroying my fence with their horse shoes.I would call the cops but they don't do anything.They have screamed at me saying they told me the cops would do nothing.And just laugh in my face..What can I do?I see no end to all
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    When I bought my house, the people across the street had a huge car canopy in their front yard, full of "antiques" which really translates as "shit that nobody wants."

    They had not paid rent in over 2 years, so the owner was trying to oust them, and it was tied up in court, as they claimed they had made "improvements" to the house.

    The way this family would speak to each other was horrific...the older teenage kids calling mom a bitch or cunt, and yelling at the dad that he was a loser...even callign their girlfriends all sorts of names at the top of their lungs...right outside my house. Most of the neighbors had called the cops on these people at least 10 times in the past few years.

    Imagine my joy when, last December, they were finally evicted. The "improvements" they made to the house were so bad that the house was condemned. Last July I woke up to the sound of the house being demolished.

    In December, someone bought the land and started building a large single-family home, and it is almost finished.

    There is joy....Karma sometimes works, and I'll never have to spend another summer with my blinds drawn so that I won;t have to look out on that horrorshow.

    Yay me.
    • Yeah, but I'll bet whomsoever buys this big new house is going to want dogs to guard the diamonds and jewels and gold they keep in their house safe.
      • Sometimes the constant barking of dogs is preferable to the incessant braying of humans. Personally, I'd opt for the dobermans over the Jerry Springer show across the street ...
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        no....please dogs. One dog across the street barks every time I leave the house, drive home, etc. Sooooooo annoying.
        • We have a "bag-yer-dog's-shit" law in my city, but so many of the asshole dog-owners in the neighborhood ignore it, the grass and sometimes the sidewalks themselves are loaded with canine fecal matter landmines. One of my houseguests recently accidentally stepped in a load of it and then tracked it all over my house ... all because some rude, self-absorbed asshole out there thinks we all live in the freakin country or something. I used to hate dogs in the city. Now I hate city people who own dogs. I mean, we practically live on top of one another in my neighhborhood ... does that mean I have to listen to smell animal shit and listen to its howling and barking just because my neighbors don't like cats or fish? If I wanted the fresh smell of shit every morning, I'd live on a damn farm.
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            dude, I so feel your pain.
            • I guess the thing that really irks and depresses me is this ...

              More than ever before, Americans isolate themselves, and we have less and less social cohesion and shared culture and customs than ever before, especially as our population gradually shifts from the cities and the rural areas to the suburbs and exurbs. Think about all these people in the suburbs. New houses don't have PORCHES; they have 16 to 20 square foot slabs of concrete or chemically treated lumber ... There's no more hanging out on the porch and chatting with the neighbors. Why bother? The average middle class American home has more high-tech entertainment and information and comfort gimmickry packed into it than the holodeck of the USS Enterprise ... remote-controlled climate-control and enormous plasma screen TVs and DVD players and home computers and iPods and stereos and video game consoles (sometimes in every room). No more going out for drinks or a show with friends ... Why bother hanging out in some smokey club with a sticky floor and disgusting toilets when you can veg out in your own comfy pleasure-dome all night long? You don't even need to see another human being when you're not at work ... You drive right into the two-car garage and shut the door; your backyard, more likely than not, is surrounded by a six foot tall privacy fence.

              Generally speaking ... and of course I AM speaking VERY generally ... the rest of us who live in cities kinda live on top of one another. We don't have garages and huge backyards and privacy fences and all the modern luxuries with which to seclude ourselves when we're not at work ... We have shared, on-street, public parking and small public parks and big porches and houses that are hot in the summer and cold in the winter and we friggin live stacked on top of one another. For some of us, the ONLY thing that separates us from our neighbors is a six-inch cinderblock firewall ... When a neighbor has a party or a wedding or a death or a graduation or a hideous fight in the family, we will very likely know about it, like it or not. Hell, in my neighborhood, if ONE neighbor leaves a garbage can lid on the ground, that lid will fill with water and become a mosquito breeding-pool, and the rest of us are swatting bugs and scratching itches because of it ...

              Hence, we HAVE to learn how to live together. Once we become too selfish and self-absorbed and self-entitled and downright rude and thoughtless, the city as an archetypal social experiment in America has FAILED ... We have proven that 21st Century Americans are too far up their own spoiled, pompous asses to live in close proximity to one another. Our so-called culture becomes so spurious, we HAVE to live in fortified VinylVilles surrounded by privacy fences and ruled by subdivision covenants that tell us what color we're allowed to paint our front doors. We become like the freakin Ik ... Did anybody else study that tribe in middle school? Google it ... it's fearful stuff.

              Anyway, when courtesy fails, neighborhoods fail, cities fail, and we as people all fail.


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